REIKI (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word that means universal life energy. It is an ancient healing method that dates back thousands of years. Reiki is an energetic technique that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing. It is also used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is being utilized in hospitals more and more throughout the world and is becoming recognized as a great accompaniment to traditional western therapies.


Reiki is only given with the recipient’s permission and can be administered energetically by laying of the hands on or above the recipient’s body, or by distance energy transmission. A practitioner becomes the conduit for Reiki energy, channeling it into the recipient, and sending it wherever healing may be needed.


As a Reiki Master, I have the ability to send distance healing energy to you. Reiki is easily transmitted anywhere in the world because it is not confined and can transcend time and space. A distant Reiki session is just as strong, if not stronger, than a person to person session. The concept is much like tuning into an energy frequency for radio, television, or Wi-Fi. Once tuned in, you can enjoy the many wonderful healing benefits of a Distance Reiki session from anywhere at any time.

For as long as I can remember, I have had the clairsentience intuitive ability. Although it wasn’t until much later in life that I was able to interpret and understand this sixth sense. It has become an instrumental gift that I use along with Reiki energy to help others develop their own inner healing abilities.

“The next frontier of medicine is energy medicine,” – Dr. Oz.

Benefits of Distance Reiki Session:

  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
  • Clears the mind and improves focus
  • Aides in cleansing and detoxifying the body
  • Helps dissolve energy blocks to balance mind, body, spirit
  • Promotes creativity
  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Helps alleviate physical pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases energy level
  • Brings about inner peace; a valuable tool for spiritual growth
  • Promotes happiness
  • Compliments medical treatments

Are you ready to improve your health, well-being and happiness?

Do you want to feel empowered? 

  • Distance Reiki Session

    (30 Minutes)

  • Combination of Wellness Coaching + Reiki

    30 minute coaching session + 30 minute Reiki session


Restore peace, clarity, and focus.