Nutrition Consulting

As a Holistic Wellness Coach and Certified Nutrition Consultant I use a “whole” health approach to help empower you with the necessary tools to transform and balance your life.

Our relationship with food isn’t just about what we eat, it’s also about who we are as an eater. A Holistic Nutrition Counseling session will help you to understand emotional patterns that guide your relationship with food and discover what barriers are in the way and preventing you from achieving your desired results. We will explore and implement realistic gradual changes, taking into account lifestyle, movement, work, relationships, schedules, and personal growth goals. These changes, unique to you, will collectively create a large impact that will help you regain your radiance, energy, and vibrant health. You will learn how to break the barriers for good and enjoy lasting positive change in your health.

I am passionate about teaching people that being healthy can be fun and easy. Learn to eat, live and laugh. It is my goal to help you reclaim your health, happiness and balance in all areas of your life.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

~Benjamin Franklin

Nutrition Consulting Pricing

  • Complimentary Session

    An opportunity to ask questions & discuss health concerns. (15 Minutes)

  • Initial Consultation/Counseling Appointment

    Includes evaluation and discussion of Health Assessment Questionnaire and implementation of an action plan unique to you. (Required forms to be completed before initial session. 60 minutes)

  • Follow-Up Sessions

    Ongoing support that allows for further customizations, assessments, lifestyle adjustments, successes, and challenges. (45 Minutes)

  • Nurturing Wellness Package

    Includes initial consultation, 60 minutes + 5 follow-up sessions, 45 minutes each


Reclaim your vibrant energy, radiance and health, today!