One-Minute Kundalini Meditation When You Need A Shift



“When you don’t go within, you go without” ~ Yogi Bhajan



We live in the midst of so much uncertainty and with such high expectations. We are busy, overwhelmed and have the desire to control the outcome of everything; causing an unprecedented amount of stress on ourselves and leaving us longing for more.

But fear not, my dear friends. There is a miraculous little meditation called Ego Eradicator that will shift your anxious, fear based thinking and release what may be blocking you. All this and more, in as little as 60 seconds!

I admit, some Kundalini asanas can be pretty daunting: like holding Stretch Pose for 3 minutes while doing Breath of Fire pranayama, Sat Kriya for 11 minutes, and the one I find most challenging is 54 cycles of Frog Pose. I cannot help laugh at myself every time I practice frog pose because I always resist it, even though I know, “If it is hard for you, that is what you need to do,” as quoted by Ravi Singh, a favorite Kundalini teacher of mine. While it may take some internal persuading to gear up for some of these meditations, the abundant rewards will surely keep you coming back for more. And if you’re like me, it makes you appreciate the easier, but nonetheless effective practices, like Ego Eradicator.

Ego Eradicator has to be one of the most beneficial meditations I have ever come across.
This meditation practice will shift your mental and physical state. It will get you out of your head, release blocks that are holding you back, and move you from fear based thinking to a place where love and peace reside. Ego Eradicator repairs the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems while simultaneously clearing, and expanding your lungs and increasing vital energy.

To begin Ego Eradicator:

Sit in easy pose or rock pose with a straight spine. Sitting in a chair is perfectly fine too. Raise your arms up to a 60-degree angle, keeping elbows straight and shoulders relaxed back and down so that the heart is open. Curl your fingertips onto the pads of your palms and thumbs are stretched out and pointing towards each other.

Eyes are closed and looking up between the brow.

Inhale deeply to begin, and then continue with Breath of Fire for 1 to 3 minutes.

Breath of Fire is a breathing technique where you breathe rapidly, rhythmically, and continuously through the nostrils with the mouth closed. It is like a panting puppy on a hot day, only through the nostrils instead of the mouth. Feel your belly contract inwards on your exhalations. Your breathing becomes a series of short and forceful exhalations, creating a rhythm. Once you have the rhythm, keep it going for 60 seconds. When you become comfortable, you can set your timer for 3 minutes or more.

Keep in mind, this simple breathing technique can produce inner changes as we let go of tension that may have been stored and blocking us for years. It is natural for emotions to emerge as subconscious blocks are released and cleared. Be patient with yourself. Continue to practice daily and witness the cleansing of toxic thoughts.

To finish, inhale deeply, holding the breath, bring the stretched arms overhead with the thumb tips touching. Open the fingers, shake out the hands, exhale slowly as you lower the arms down. Relax. Breathe normally and observe the sensation of your prana (life force energy) moving in and around you. Enjoy the bliss and the clarity of the reality of your existence.

Sat Nam!